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Alison M.

“Dr. Lomas and his staff are awesome! I couldn't recommend them enough. I usually hate getting dental work done and have a few complications that make me a kind of difficult patient, but he and his staff were so kind, understanding, and sweet to me. I couldn't be happier with their work and professionalism. If/when I need more work done, this is definitely where I'll be going!”


“Of all things, no one WANTS to have wisdom teeth removed, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I was at a point where I couldn’t put it off anymore and I went to Implant and Oral Surgery for a consultation to remove all 4 at one time. The staff were very friendly and reassured me the procedure would be nothing I would remember. They were right. I was there less than an hour and went home to begin my recovery. The next day, Dr. Bandrowski called and checked on me himself. I’m a week and half into recovery and things are going just fine.”

Spirit’s P.

“Went here to get my wisdom teeth extracted. All of the staff were amazing, so I’m not surprised my dentist referred me to them. They all were very professional & helped calm my nerves. I was incredibly nervous. Mr. Lomas also has done an amazing job. Recovery is going well, I literally haven’t even had to touch any pain meds. But that’s also because I’ve been icing like crazy. Swelling is still present, but at a minimum. Great job to all the wonderful employees here, helping me get this done right.”

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