Removing, Repositioning, And Restoring

Orthodontic Surgery in Colorado

What is Orthodontic Surgery?

Keeping Comfort First

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Hospital-based general anesthesia

Our highly trained and experienced team of oral surgeons and anesthesiologists work together to create a safe and effective plan for your surgery. With hospital-based general anesthesia, we can closely monitor your vital signs and adjust your anesthesia levels to ensure your safety and comfort.

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3d imaging

By employing Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology, we can recreate a 3D image of what is going on underneath the gums which will allow us to locate important structures and plan the least-invasive surgical approach to accomplish your goals.

Orthodontic surgery in Colorado

What is a TAD or a skeletal anchor?

A temporary anchorage device, or TAD, as a small screw that is placed in the bone near teeth that helps your orthodontist move some teeth without created unwanted movement of other teeth nearby. A skeletal anchor is a small bone plate that is placed under the gums with an arm that protrudes through the gums for your orthodontist to use in “growth modification” to correct small jaw discrepancies ingrowing patients. Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, the devices are removed.